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Hardware & Software


Defective hardware can be replaced with (when available) original or compatible parts and/or adapted or reconfigured where needed. Common parts that fail are power supply units, Hard/Optical disk drives, switches and fans, all of which are normally held in stock and can be replaced promptly.


Mainstream and proprietary software packages can be installed and configured. Microsoft operating systems can be reinstalled, upgraded or set up to customer’s requirements for optimal performance. Operating systems can also be supplied and installed for upgrade purposes – we can advise you when necessary if your current PC/Laptop is capable of supporting a newer operating system.

Sometimes instead of purchasing a completely new system, you may want to increase the speed of your current one in order to be able to run a later software package or for other reasons such as gaming etc.

Under certain circumstances but not always, it may be possible to improve performance of an existing PC/Laptop by way of adding or replacing enhanced parts and/or increasing specific resources. This would in all cases be discussed with the customer with impartial advice given if the project would be viable or not.

PC Setup & Installation

New or replacement computers, supplied by us or the customer can be installed and configured to customer specification.

This may also involve home or office network/Internet integration, transfer of personal data and peripheral setup.  We would in all cases make every endeavour to making the new computer appear and operate in the same way as your previous computer.

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Performance Upgrades