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Computer or Laptop failed to start? Freezing? One cause could be defective hardware which can be promptly diagnosed and either repaired or replaced.

Commonly utilised component parts are always kept in stock and carried in our vehicles. Should you require a more proprietary component, our suppliers can source them within a very short period if available.

Please note:

Computers and Laptops can virtually always be repaired or be adapted (negating no fix no fee offers), whether or not it is always financially viable to do so is another matter. In such cases where component repair or replacement will not be viable, the customer will always be given suitable and appropriate advice. However, should you still wish to continue in such circumstances, then we will carry out the works.

Diagnosis and repair can be accomplished from dead (completely non-working state), sporadic cutting out, complete freezing or exceptionally slow running state.


After some time (depending on environmental circumstances and usage type) computer/Laptop operating systems start to slow down and sometimes freeze due to residual data accumulation and/or overheating caused by dust build up. Our services include optimisation of operating systems and removal of such dust build up. To extend the operational life of your device we recommend a 6 month or annual health check depending on extent of usage.

All repair and maintenance tasks are carried out as promptly as possible, enabling the resumption of normal operation for you or your business.

For a reasonable fee, a temporary computer that is ready for immediate use can be supplied, minimising disruption for you.

Repairs & Maintenance